Recently had a cut session at the Acrylick store. Fired up the grill and put the brews on ice. Shoutouts to Odyssey, Vans OTW, DJ E-Rok, Trek-Life, Kai Streets, DJ Buddy, DJ Jbroski, DJ Abloon, DJ Dstrukt, DJ Butch, DJ Rayted-R, DJ Schmeeze, DJ Ingwell, and DJ Drew. Thanks to everyone that came out. Next session will be Tuesday, May 31.

Acrylick & Oddyssey Present “The Spring Scratch Session”

Location: Acrylick Flagship Store, Azusa Ca

Shot/Chopped By Erok

Additional Camera By Kai Streets

Soundtrack: “Ito Denwa” Gagle

3 thoughts on “Acrylick x Odyssey Spring Scratch Session Video Shot & Edited by DJ Erok

  1. What up Wrex? This is Phillip. Stix George’s homie. Hows it going bro? Anyways just wanted to say hello. I came across your blog on the tweeks web site. If possible can you add my blog to your blog roll? Thanks and take care.

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