“Sometimes you gotta just drop some heat for the winter time. DJs, this is my early Christmas gift to you. Since I will NEVER release another instrumental version of any album that I do ever again, expect there to be more singles for the DJs and people alike.” – Trek-Life

Get in Touch features Oddisee on the beat, Richard Wright, Belvi & Trek Life on the rhymes and J.Bizness on the hook.

The B-Side “That’s Alright” is Ayiro’s (very dope producer from LA) a remix of “Wow” off Everything Changed Nothing that he FREAKED real fresh.

You can download this for free at the link below, and if you choose to support please feel free to hit the bandcamp page also linked below.


PS: Shout out to Data One for flippin the cover & Jewelz on the Photography #626ers

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