It’s that time of the year when the senses come alive. As the weather continues to cool down, fresh air and the sight of new colors from our surroundings move in. Summer is missed, but there is no comparison to what is felt during the Fall season. It’s visuals, smells, and the overall feelings that this season emits are tremendous. From the seasons beginning, to its midpoint during holiday season, and until it’s end, there will be a constant cycle of brought up nostalgia, and new highlights forming future memories.

Our Fall collection is a mixture of all the elements we love about this season, meshed with the concepts and messages that we believe in and continue to stress. The colors chosen in our designs are vivid, but at the same time emit warmth. No matter how mellow this season may appear, it is impactful. We created our collection in hopes of doing the same.

The location we chose as the background for our look book fits with this overall theme explained. It was shot in the core of Los Angeles, and the surrounding’s colors were perfect in showcasing our designs. Everything around was vivid, but the weather gave the mood a mellow nature, a perfect impression of Fall.

Photographer: Ja Tecson

E.J Parker
Sean Harris
Mahina Garcia
Emily Valdez

Coodinator: Joel Mendoza
Stylist: Kim Gaspar
Hair / Makeup: The Artform Studio
Location: Zynderia Productions

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