Mitchell De Guzman is one of the top talents in Los Angeles. We’ve rocked over 30+ weddings together and we’re just getting started.

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Hawthorne, California native Mitchell DeGuzman takes no breaks in making a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his ultra high energy, determination, and caring work ethic.

After graduating college at Loyola Marymount University with a degree in theater May 2008, the Movin crew at Movin 93.9 FM quickly noticed Mitchell De Guzman had a special something in his voice and personality when he grabbed the microphone to announce the music and rallied the crowd at school wide hosted events. It was not long until he was offered a position on Power 106’s promotional team.

“I never saw myself in radio. I’ve been listening to Rick Dees since kindergarten on the way to school with my mom, when he was still at KIIS-FM, and never thought I’d be working with him at Movin”, Mitchell De Guzman explained. “Wherever I’ve been, whether it was in grade school, high school, or college, I’ve been blessed. The promotional team gig just fell into my lap and I went with it because I saw it as an opportunity”, Mitchell De Guzman said. After a change of format at Movin 93.9, Mitchell De Guzman was offered a promotional street team gig in the Flava Unit at Power 106. He quickly made noise on the streets hosting countless events, movie premieres, and numerous clubs. His high energy moved him up to board operating on the weekends, over nights, and eventually On-Air Sunday mornings at Power 106.

Fast forward, Mitchell De Guzman is in yet another blessed opportunity as a night show Producer for two years now. “I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but everything’s a learning experience. Now I have more responsibilities working at Power and more people start to trust me with those responsibilities; it’s always a matter of following through. It was a lot of fun working nights at Power 106, but it’s still a business. Just when I think I know so much about the biz, J Cruz and Justin Credible always have something to teach me with their depth, knowledge, and experiences”.

But Mitchell De Guzman does not let his success stop him from taking the next step in his radio career and personal endeavors. “My biggest challenge now is to pursue my other passion, acting”. Mitchell De Guzman acknowledges his blessings and doesn’t take one for granted. “It’s just that there is nothing like transforming yourself and creating a character… I miss that. That’s all I did before I caught the radio bug”.

“A friend in the business once told me that if it doesn’t get harder, it means you’re not trying hard enough, and it’s definitely getting harder now”, Mitchell De Guzman says with a smirk. Nevertheless, Mitchell De Guzman manages to stay grounded. “It’s a matter of me being patient now because when you become impatient, you get unhappy. It’s a matter of not looking for validity, but trusting that God is with you and that you have something to offer and go with it”. He explains how radio is a chapter in his life where he enjoys entertaining listeners in new and different ways other than just feeding them information. “Working with J Cruz and Justin Credible is a trip; they are never content… they constantly want to evolve their #1 rated show and it’s amazing to be part of that! You know when you walk into the Liftoff it’s something special. I’m blessed to add my creativity to the show and hopefully their talent rubs off on me. They are the best in the biz”.

Whether Mitchell De Guzman is on the microphone at an event/club jumping up and down with the crowd and getting them moving, or producing the nightly show, he brings the energy and power to the radio on blast.

When DeGuzman isn’t working on the airwaves, he loves to workout at the gym and is most likely driving to an audition. “I don’t know what life has to offer me next, but it’s all about the journey, right?”, he laughs with a big smile.

DeGuzman currently lives in Burbank, California with his girlfriend, brother, and dog. “I don’t know what I’d do without them”.

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