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Charles & Val Drueco – Millwick – Los Angeles – Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator

Your Wedding Day is going to be packed full and you will definitely want a team of people helping you through it.  Two very important people are the venue coordinator and the wedding coordinator, know the difference and who to delegate what tasks to and your day will run smoothly.  When you book a venue the majority of them come with a venue coordinator that is a staff member of the venue and dedicated to making sure the items that belong to the venue or are serviced by the venue are done correctly. Here’s the difference between the Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator or Planner.

Having a wedding coordinator is a personal choice and highly recommended.  Your options for this are to hire a coordinator from the beginning and have them involved the whole way through to really do all the hard work for you of researching to find all the right fits for you.  A strong suggestion is to at minimum hire a day of coordinator someone to organize all of your vendors, bridal party, and guests throughout the day as well as put out any fires before you see them.  Here is a breakdown comparison of the two for you to have a better understanding.  

venue coordinator wedding coordinator dj wrex los angeles dj best dj in los angeles
Charles & Val Drueco – Millwick – Los Angeles

1. Venue:

Venue Coordinator- They are responsible for everything that specifically deals with the venue. Tables, chairs, linens, food, etc. If they provide catering, their focus is to make sure that the kitchen and wait staff are scheduled according to your needs.

 Wedding Coordinator – They are responsible for working with the venue coordinator on all items included in the contract.  They are also responsible for coordinating and communicating with all of your outside vendors about where and when they should set up. They are also responsible for any items you bring in to the venue.

venue coordinator wedding coordinator dj wrex los angeles dj best dj in los angeles
Charles & Val Drueco – Millwick – Los Angeles

2. Vendors:

Venue Coordinator- The venue coordinator can provide a list of preferred vendors and that’s the extent of their involvement when it comes to interacting with the vendors.

 Wedding Coordinator – Your wedding planner will schedule and attend your meetings with your vendors. They are the main point of contact between you and your vendors. If a vendor is lost or running late or is having an emergency, they’ll contact your wedding planner who will then put out the fire.

venue coordinator wedding coordinator dj wrex los angeles dj best dj in los angeles
Charles & Val Drueco – Millwick – Los Angeles

3. Timeline:

Venue Coordinator- They will have a timeline which will center around when the food will be prepared and served, grand entrance, toasts and cake cutting.

 Wedding Coordinator – The wedding planner’s timeline details all aspects of the day from the time that the bride wakes up to the moment that the doors close. They schedule arrival times for all vendors, when the photos will be taken, what songs will be played for each dance, garter and bouquet toss, etc.

Charles & Val Drueco – Millwick – Los Angeles

4. Décor:

Venue Coordinator – Due to liability purposes they typically don’t set up any decor items. They only handle items which must go down prior to the chinaware and silverware (chargers, specialty linen, table runners, etc.).

 Wedding Coordinator – They assist in the set-up and execution of your vision with your decor. They also pack up your decor items and gifts at the end of the night and place them in your vehicle or hotel room.

 Plan ahead and know who has which responsibilities in keeping your day stress free! Thanks for checking out the post Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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