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Welcome to our featured vendor series where we dive into some of our favorite professionals and find out who they are and why they do what they do.  Let me introduce you to one of the videography greats, Xerxes Sangco from Xposure Films out of Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.  We asked Xerxes some cool questions, check below to learn more about him.

How did you get started?
My love for film making started by chance, really. Back in 2007, I was hanging out with some friends. I had a digital point-and-shoot camera in my pocket that also shot video. I asked my friends “Hey, do you guys want to film something?” A day later, I came out with a garbage short film we shot in a garage. We all got a kick out of it and my career stemmed from there. Fast-forward 5 years later, I was a lead-shooter for a wedding video company. I didn’t know how to run a business at the time but I knew how to shoot wedding films. Through observations, questioning and self-esteem building, I knew I was ready to branch out onto my own. In 2013, Xposure Films was officially created.

Los Angeles, Videographer, Los Angeles DJ, featured vendor series

Why do you do what you do?
This is my passion, my art, and my life. There is nothing I personally do better than making films.
Filming those emotions, capturing the dialog and chemistry between a couple and their family and friends, then being able to create a story out of it all is such an accomplished feeling.

What continues to excite you about the industry?
The wedding industry is constantly evolving. There are always new people finding their way in and proving how good they really are. One of the most exciting things about the wedding industry is when a group of vendors comes together and absolutely NAILS the wedding day. From planning to production, music, photo, and video. When those pieces all come together and ignite, everyone’s best work becomes the showcase piece. The front page material that they’re going to put on their website. As business owners and as artists, it excites me to know that we will always strive for that.

Los Angeles, Videographer, Los Angeles DJ, xposure films
Xerxes Sangco www.Xposure-Films.com

Tell us more about your business.
At Xposure Films, we love LOVE. When someone happy-cries on their wedding day, that is absolute GOLD to us. We structure our films in a way that we feel is timeless. 10-20 years from now, we don’t want our films to feel dated. Aside from cinematography, our focus will always be on the underlying feelings, intentions, and motivations of our couples. We want to see and feel that chemistry and we the audience to feel it too.

Favorite Songs?
I love anything Pop, Rock, Folk, and Cinematic. Add a little bit of Island Reggae in there too 🙂

Favorite Food?
Anything with Chicken haha!

Favorite Venues?
Disneyland, The Venue by Three Petals, Vellano Country Club, The Hyatt Huntington Beach

If you would like to get in contact with Xerxes from this featured vendor series and see his work check out his info below:

Website: www.Xposure-Films.com
Instagram: @xposurefilms
Facebook: www.facebook.com/XposureFilms/

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