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Money Dance Songs

Here are some suggestions for Money Dance Songs for Weddings. You can have them as all slow songs or all uptempo songs or a mix of both. Family feel good music works or you can get more edgy with the hip hop selections. The money dance also known as the honeymoon dance is where the male guests … Continue reading
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Cake Cutting Songs

Cake Cutting Songs Suggestions. The first kiss, the grand entrance, the first dance, the toasts, the dinner and now guests are ready for dessert. It's time to cut the cake! Usually at this time the photographers and videographers get their traditional shots where you the cut the cake together, … Continue reading
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Ratchlerette Brunch

It’s the Ratchlerette Brunch! This is for the bachelerette parties all around the world looking for the ratchet vibes. Not safe for work unless you're working the brunch. Stream it now on my soundcloud. Cover art collab with = @christopherdetails = Thanks. Ratchlerette Brunch Tracklist Lil … Continue reading