One Hundred Beat Tape by DJ Wrex
I’m proud to release the beat tape of my first hundred beats starting from January 1st, 2021. I started diving back into learning music production this past October since I had a bit of extra time because of covid. Been watching a bunch of tutorials, entering beat battles, learning chord progression etc. I’ve made beats in the past around circa 2012 during the Okword era and made only 30+ beats. I was making a beat a day until the end of April then got busy with wedding planning. I’m catching up now to have 365 beats by the end of the year. Still learning alot and hope to collab with artists in the future. Check out the mix link below. If you like it please hit the like button, follow and share. Also if you would like any of the beats, for music production inquiries and custom beats mail Thanks so much. #roadtothegrammys #djwrexproducer

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