Yojie Shabu Shabu
501 West Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 988-8088

Came here on opening day, you can’t miss it on Grand and Olympic. When you walk in the decor is fresh with Japanese art, bamboo, a rock wall facade with an eclectic music selection. I think I heard ATB playing in the background at one point. When we arrived we were seated right away and were greeted by the waitress right when sat down.

The menu was pretty self explanatory and well organized with an extended sake menu which included sake cocktails which were interesting and even chocolate fondue for dessert which I’m planning to try the next time I come. Since it was a new restaurant I didn’t want to get to adventurous yet with menu. I ordered a green tea to drink which was refreshing. For the entree we ordered the Sumo 12oz.. Angus beef. Usually Shabu Shabu only have up to 10oz. but this was 12. I ordered the Sukiyaki broth which is a sweet broth that comes with a raw egg dipping sauce because I never tried it before.

When we received the meat, veggies, rice and sauce everything was presented well. The meat didn’t look like they just slapped a bunch of pieces on a place it was neatly stacked. For dessert, I ended it with a small scoop of green tea ice cream and called it a day.

Overall the food was great, the meat was a premium cut I felt full but not stuffed, and even though it was still a new restaurant they had good service and my green tea was always refilled. Planning to come back with the gf and will try the chocolate fondue and various sake cocktails.

Check out their website here

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