how to propose to your partner dj wrex los angeles
Photo By: Anne Salas

You’re in love, you know your partner is the one you want to spend the rest of your living days with and you’re ready to propose……but how to propose to your partner?

You’ve spent every day for the past however long falling deeper in love, learning traits…likes…dislikes…and everything there is to know about your partner. And through it all you have decided this is the person for you and your brimming with joy. Now how to turn all of that into a momentous proposal that will have your beau jumping for joy saying YES! 

how to propose to your partner dj wrex los angeles
Photo By: Anne Salas

First: Make sure you’re pretty positive they will say Yes! If your serious enough about this person to propose you should have talked with them about marriage at least a few times to know you are both on the same page and have a similar expectation of what marriage should be and of your morals and beliefs. 

how to propose to your partner dj wrex los angeles
Photos By: Anne Salas

Second: Pick out and purchase a ring! This also is something you should have talked with your partner about so that you understand their style, if they have any special requests, previous heirlooms they want incorporated, size (of the ring and finger) and know your personal finances and what you are willing to budget so that you’ll still be able to fund your wedding. The ring can be very important and personal to your partner, know who you’re buying this for and if they are particular. Check out previous blog “How to Pick an Engagement Ring.”

how to propose to your partner dj wrex los angeles
Photo By: Anne Salas

Third: Have an idea of what your future fiancé wants, is it involve family, do they want a big show or something private and intimate? If you have spoken about marriage previously there’s a good chance, they have dropped some hints or shared dream proposals with you. If you don’t already have a good idea of how you want to do it, start paying attention to places or upcoming events, trips, etc. that your beau gets excited about.

Photo By: Anne Salas

Have fun, be present, and enjoy this momentous occasion!!!

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