We do too! First of all our deepest sympathies for anyone at any stage of their wedding plans and we are here for you. We can relate on both ends, our DJ Event business is ran by my fiance and myself and we are also set to get married in June 2020. If you are on either end of the Wedding spectrum and have the COVID-19 wedding blues please keep reading as we offer some suggestions to navigate these tough and trying times.  If you ever need to talk please know we are both here for you please reach out on any of our platforms, we got you boo!

COVID-19 Wedding Blues DJ WREX Los Angeles
Photography by: https://ginaandryan.com/

For our Mid March to the end of May couples that have had to postpone their special Day, phew that’s a tough one and we feel for you and really hope you were able to postpone and not have to cancel. If your vendors and venue are able to postpone and reschedule you without any extra fees please go that route, you will be happy in the long run if you allow yourselves to still have that special day with your loved ones. If your hitting any walls with vendors or venues please reach out to us at info@djwrex.com and we can offer suggestions and referrals.  First of all please allow yourselves to feel all the emotions and thoughts that you are feeling, you are very much valid in that and need to release it and process it in a healthy way. Talk it out, write it down, and reach out to some of your support group as well.  Do not make any haste decisions or emotional fueled ones, take some time to look at a few options for each scenario before deciding.

COVID-19 Wedding Blues DJ WREX Los Angeles
Photography by: nicolechow.com

For our June to September Weddings, hold tight and have faith we can all follow the CDC regulations and work together to stay home and clear this Virus. Try not to focus on postponing or cancelling yet, it is too far away for that we really do not know what will happen for at least a week or two so focus on what provisions you can take now instead of what may happen then.  If you have family members traveling that have not purchased their tickets yet and may be considering not coming, be empathetic to them and hope they will choose to still come. If there are people that will not or cannot attend due to COVID-19 Wedding blues you can have a friend or family member Facetime or Skype them in for the Ceremony. For now, take stock of what you have paid for and what you have not and what of those are necessities.  You may have to have to adjust that late night snack amount or extra treats or non essential items like that giant connect four you wanted. This is ok, it sucks and hurts but is not more important than still being able to have a special Wedding.

COVID-19 Wedding Blues DJ WREX Los Angeles
Photography by: http://www.kloeng.com/

For our couples that just got engaged and are looking at starting to plan, please still get excited about it and build up those Pinterest boards you deserve, have fun with it!  Definitely still look into vendor bookings, you may be surprised at what deals you can pick up during these times. We personally are offering 20% off services till April 19, 2020, please email: info@djwrex.com for more info. And for our 2021 Brides you will be fine and still have your special day be awesome with no more COVID-19 Wedding Blues so go back to getting excited and keep enjoying being engaged.  We love you all and appreciate all of your support on both ends, stay strong and keep lifting each other up!

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