Welcome to our featured vendor series where we dive into some of our favorite professionals and find out who they are and why they do what they do.  Let me introduce you to one of the floral greats, Josie Dizon- Baquiran from FlowerGoods out of Burbank, CA.  We asked Josie some cool questions, check below to learn more about her.

FlowerGoods Featured Vendor Series Los Angeles
FlowerGoods | www.flower-goods.com

How did you get started?
I started about 10 years ago from designing themed events for my friends and family. One day I got hired as a wedding florist by my friend and since then all my business has been client referral based. Since I work as a dental hygienist, I decided to narrow it down and focus on just wedding floral design. I flipped my home garage into a home floral studio which is now where I operate from.

FlowerGoods Featured Vendor Series Los Angeles
FlowerGoods | www.flower-goods.com

Why do you do what you do? 
I do it for love & excitement! I surround my life with everything that excites me. Not to be confused with impulsiveness. When it sparks a little joy in my heart. Others call it joy as well but the thrill and excitement is usually what opens up doors for me. My love and passion for results is what follows which then leads to service and sharing this excitement with others. Sharing this love and excitement for creativity, beauty and design with others is my ultimate why.

What continues to excite you about the industry? 
Meeting people. Creativity and the endless possibilities of turning a space to a living space.

FlowerGoods | www.flower-goods.com

Tell us more about your business.
I’m a small in-home studio floral business. To keep things exciting, I like to do 9-15 weddings a year. This also allows me to maintain a fruitful balance between my other career. I like to work closely with my brides and grooms and get to know them and eventually leading to a small circle family to ensure we have a successful wedding day. At the end, we become an extended family to hold for a lifetime. I also like to offer made to order bouquets for Valentines day and Mothers day. Sometimes I like to throw wreath or diy bouquet workshops in my home studio. 

FlowerGoods | www.flower-goods.com

Favorite Songs? That’s a hard one! I can narrow it down to genre. I was raised on 70’s rock & soul but grew up to 90’s hip hop & R&B. My favorite all time artist are Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Blackstar, Nas, Biggie, Mary J, Sade Today: Alina Baraz, Sir, Travis Scott, Smino, Tom Misch, Tyler the Creator, Kxwledge, Khruangbin, Jack Harlow, Frank Ocean, Sabrina Claudio (list goes on).
1. Summer in November, by Sir
2. Frozen by Sabrina Claudio
3. What more can I Say , NxWorries / Anderson Paak
4. Sweet sweet, Travis Scott
5. Bennie and the Jetts, Elton John 

Favorite Food? At the moment, I love Korean food. Pilipino has a special place in my heart, lol like physically speaking as well. Our home cooked meals are really my fave.

Favorite Venues? My favorite venue at the moment is the Millwick.

If you would like to get in contact with Jose from this featured vendor series and see her work check out her info below:
Website: www.flower-goods.com
Phone: 818-919-2513
Instagram: @flowergoods_la

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